Welcome to Palmares          Alajuela Costa Rica


This tranquil and private acreage rest atop a hill in Costa Rica verdant Central Valley.

The hill gives us lovely views of a long-dormant volcano and surrounding rolling hills. The central Valley provides us with a gentle climate favored  by many Costa Rican themselves,

We are located about 30 minutes by car or taxi from San Jose’s International Airport. We are about 65 km northwest of the capital city.

We are a Canadian-Costa Rican couple who began this property  tree by tree, and building by building about 17 years ago. We are avid gardeners and our property reflects this.

We have numerous species of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.

Their blooms attract a myriad of birds. Among them are Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird, Doves, Parakeets and many more, Some nest in trees, other prefer our cacti, and still others favor the eaves of buildings. Quiet butterflies flicker through the air. Each morning we awake to the songs and the caw of roosters from nearby farms.

We have five rental homes all are nicely furnished. We also have have a rancho and a garden pool. In Costa Rica this is a covered patio with a barbecue and fridge and TV. Our rancho and swimming pool sits on a high point, so they have the views, and catches the breeze. They are tastefully framed by hydrangeas, caladiums, hibiscus and fragrant hedge of jasmine.